Docbuster Core Features

Our feature list is continually growing based on feedback from our clients. Main features include:

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Each DocBuster job produces a detailed spreadsheet report after processing listing breakdowns of page counts, documents processed and exceptions encountered.  It can also provide page level reporting for PDF and Image files detailing page size and black and white or colour breakdowns.

Run an optimised report before printing to quantify the cost and time a print job may take and assist in any cost cutting adjustments needed for the job.



Sort documents in the order you want them. Including sorting across folders, within folders, by name and date to name a few options.

DocBuster will even sort loose emails (msg and eml) in a Windows® directory by their sent on date without the need to pre-process or import into an Outlook® PST file.

slip sheet

Slip Sheets

DocBuster includes the most comprehensive slip sheets on the market, giving you ultimate flexibility on how you choose to configure them for each job.

Configure your text style and content choosing from document properties, data fields or custom text. Create slip sheets for folders, top level documents, attachments, Excel® sheets, date ranges or place holders for documents you don’t want to print.

Apply a printer tray for each slip sheet level (device permitting) or point each slip sheet level to the same printer tray, the choice is yours.

copy files

Copy Files

Choose to copy the files to the job folder and hyperlink them to the report, allowing for the flattening of your data into an ordered list to facilitate manual tasks such as QA.

DocBuster - Stamp

Bates Stamp

Bates stamp image and PDF files. Decide whether to bates stamp as part of a print job or simply bates stamp on its own.

Many configurable options including adding custom text, images, data field values from certain data sources (Concordance load files for example), page and document counters. Choosing fonts and their styles. Resizing borders to prevent overwriting of text. Selecting position of the stamps (e.g. top left, centre etc.). Adding multiple stamps to a page.



Carry out on the fly de-duplication of documents during processing, removing the burden of printing the same documents multiple times, whilst still reporting where they reside within the produced report for audit purposes.

file support

Multiple File Format Support

DocBuster will process numerous application types including PDF, Image files, Containers (zip, rar etc.), Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Project, Visio®, Publisher and of course Outlook®.

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Formatting Options

DocBuster provides a multitude of application formatting options including many of the most pertinent page setup options for Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® amongst others.



Identifies password protected files with the ability to supply passwords to automatically de-crypt files.



Have one or more house styles? Create your own user settings, to simply the set up process even more.

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Supports Multiple Data Sources

Process data directly from Microsoft® Windows® directories or Outlook® folders including Exchange. DocBuster also supports processing from lists including Excel®, Text Delimited, Concordance DAT
with Opticon, Concordance DAT with LFP, Access® and Sql Server® database tables.

32 64bit

64bit or 32bit

DocBuster® comes in two forms 64bit and 32bit. If you have Microsoft® Office 64bit take advantage by using DocBuster 64bit to further increase the processing power of DocBuster.

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