Can DocBuster tell me how many pages are in my documents before printing?

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Yes, DocBuster can provide a clear and detailed report highlighting page counts, document types and other pertinent information from your data. DocBuster can also identify page sizes and colour pages from Image and PDF files.

Can DocBuster process attachments?

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Yes, DocBuster can extract and process attachments from emails, archives (.zip, .rar, .7z etc.), pdf’s and embedded files in Office documents.

This includes nested attachments i.e. attachments within attachments within attachments etc.

How does DocBuster handle password-protected documents?

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You can supply a list of passwords into DocBuster, and it will attempt to open a document using the passwords from the list.  Any document, which is password protected and which DocBuster does not possess the password for is marked in the report as password protected.

What file types does DocBuster support?

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DocBuster supports over 90 file types by default including emails, PDF’s, image files, archives (.zip etc.) and Microsoft Office files.

Can DocBuster convert documents to PDF?

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Yes, DocBuster can convert documents to PDF or Group IV Tiff (single or multi-page).

In addition, when converting to PDF it is also possible to merge and bookmark documents during processing.

Is DocBuster simple to use?

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It’s easy! Our clients will testify DocBuster has a very low learning curve and has been designed for purpose and refined over the years to make it as friendly as possible.

At its base level it as simple as selecting your data and output type, then clicking start!

It is also true that DocBuster has a myriad of powerful options.  However, these can be dipped into as required.

Furthermore, DocBuster provides the ability to save your option choices so your preferred processing options can by loaded by default, thus making it even simpler!

Does DocBuster support emails?

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Yes.  This includes Microsoft Outlook file types such as .msg and .pst.

DocBuster can also connect to Microsoft Outlook (if installed) to allow processing from Microsoft Exchange accounts, local mailboxes etc.

Can DocBuster identify colour pages?

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DocBuster can identify the page size and colour of pages from PDF and image files (tiff, jpeg etc.). Each page and its relevant page information is highlighted in the Pages Report.

When printing spreadsheets we regularly need to format them first, how does DocBuster handle spreadsheets?

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Within DocBuster there are multiple spreadsheet options available, including:

1. Print each spreadsheet as it is

2. Use DocBuster to auto format the spreadsheet, using your choice of the various formatting options such as unhiding columns, worksheets, resetting print areas etc.

3. Apply document capping, which means limiting the number of pages of a workbook or worksheet which are printed.

4. Substitute the spreadsheet for a document place holder.

What slip sheet functionality does DocBuster provide?

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DocBuster provides ten types of slip sheets (sometimes referred to as a banner page or divider) allowing for almost all permutations of slip sheets that you can think of.

Each slip sheet type is mapped individually to a printer tray allowing for both paper and content customization.

Content can be built from text, meta data information and even field information from load files.

Can I save my job settings for use in a future job?

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Yes, DocBuster has comprehensive settings file options allowing for multiple settings to be created, which in turn simplifies the job set up process even more.

Is DocBuster just for law firms?

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DocBuster can be used anywhere there is a need for batch printing, document conversion or bates stamping (pagination). It is true that DocBuster was developed for the needs of law firms, however, the features and outputs will translate to most industries where bulk (batch) processing of documents is a requirement.

How does the licensing work?

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DocBuster is sold on an annual recurring licence. A single DocBuster licence is tied to a single PC.

What software do I need to run DocBuster?

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Apart from certain runtimes and frameworks, which are listed in the System Requirements document, no further software is required.

However, for most file types DocBuster supports alternative processing applications.  For example, if you want to process .docx files using Microsoft Word instead of the built in processor you will need Microsoft Word installed.

Please see the system requirements for more information.

Can I get a demonstration or evaluation of DocBuster first?

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Yes, please complete your details in the contact page and a DocBuster operative will contact you.