The DocBuster software has been empowering firms to handle their batch processing requirements for over a decade.


DocBuster Limited is a subsidiary of Consilio Global (UK) Limited. DocBuster is mostly associated in the UK with Millnet Document Services.


The DocBuster software was created in 2003 by Millnet.  It was originally created as an internal tool to carry out the legal batch print service provided by Millnet.


As it gained recognition a number of our clients using the outsourced print service approached us asking if they could purchase a licence for their own use. In 2009 we issued a small pool of licences to a select number of clients. Following the success of this initial rollout and due to the mounting interest from other clients we decided to repackage and launch DocBuster into the market in 2013.


DocBuster is now installed in over 40 firms across the UK and into Europe, including 75% of the UK top 20 Law Firms.  In addition, to this day DocBuster is still integral to Millnet Document Services.


The DocBuster team itself has been involved with legal print and eDiscovery for around 20 years. During this time, we have been exposed to all manner of data and are well-versed in the challenges and requirements for this type of work.


DocBuster is the UK’s leading software in its space due to the combination of the team’s depth of knowledge, our passion and commitment to giving our clients the best software for their needs.


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