Featured Feature: Formatting

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Featured Feature will be an on-going segment inspired by you, our clients. Revisiting our old friends in their print rooms, we have been asking our clientele what they love, what they hate, and every other detail about their experience with DocBuster. We were immediately surprised—and thus inspired to write this segment—by how differently our clients were utilising the software. Firms have revealed a wide array of favourite features, each finding their own thing to love in DocBuster.

Featured Feature: Formatting

When you think of DocBuster, a few things may come to your mind: an automated printing tool, a custom slip sheet creator, or maybe even a print report runner. Your forethought is not likely DocBuster as a ‘formatting tool.’ However, DocBuster is full of functions that allow for easily formatting of your files at once. So, we’d like to use this Featured Feature to highlight a function that often goes under the radar: formatting. DocBuster can help you format a myriad of different-type documents for print in a single job, saving you endless hours of manual formatting. Here are just a few ways how:


Printing Excel documents is a nightmare; there’s no denying that. But did you know that DocBuster can actually help you handle Excel?  It offers many auto formatting options such as un-hiding columns or worksheets, resetting print areas, orientation, scaling, gridline options, and more. DocBuster can process at the sheet level and even apply document capping, which means limiting the number of pages of an Excel workbook or worksheet that are printed. Lastly, if after further consideration you realize the Excel may be altogether unnecessary, DocBuster has the option to substitute a placeholder in for the document.


DocBuster mirrors Word’s options to help you format and batch print without losing the functionality of printing directly from Microsoft applications. For example, not only can you print with tracking you can select or deselect each type of markup, i.e. comments, ink, formatting, insertions and deletions. There are other selectable Microsoft printing options such as ‘print document properties’, ‘print hidden text’, ‘update fields before printing’, and ‘print field codes instead of their values.’ Additionally, you can both page cap and/or opt to exclude documents over 400 pages. DocBuster even allows for you to replace fields like filename and date/time.


PowerPoint also has the same formatting options as printing directly from Microsoft. These include printing hidden slides, printing comments and ink markups, scaling to fit to paper, and slide layout options.

DocBuster lets you to print all of your documents from one place, eradicating the laborious old practice of file-printing. It takes it even a step further—above its competitors—by allowing for you to extensively format all of your files for printing through a single software, too.  This feature with DocBuster’s many others are why it is truly the definitive batch printing solution.

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