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Industry: Law Practice

Location of Interest: London, U.K

Taylor Wessing is a full service international law firm with 33 offices in 20 different countries. With locations from Hong Kong to Silicon Valley, and everywhere in between, Taylor Wessing blends local industries and cultural knowledge with expertise to find the most innovative solutions for their clients.

"Docbuster makes printing so much easier. Don’t change a thing! "

Gail Hill, Document Specialist in Reprographics

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The Situation

Taylor Wessing was growing exponentially, and so, too, was the amount of documentation its lawyers needed to print on a daily basis. Their print room was inundated with jobs that required a never-ending repetition of clicks: open, print, exit… repeat. The average batch consisted of 100–200 documents and often occupied one team member for hours.

This was a laborious and frustrating process. Errors were inevitable. Costs were sky high. Countless hours were wasted. They needed technology that rivaled their ever-increasing requirements—a solution that minimized errors, cut costs, and, above all else, saved time.

The Solution

Taylor Wessing is known globally for its innovative approach to clients’ business concerns. Striving for the most effective in-house solutions as well, Taylor Wessing chose DocBuster.

Save Time
Automating the printing itself, DocBuster eradicated the tedious clicking that had once been the Taylor Wessing routine. Marian Ward, Reprographics & Mail Hub Manager, recalled, “We would’ve been sitting there for hours doing one job. Now we’ve done 130,000 pages for a project in one week.” Within just a few months of installing the DocBuster software, they even bought a second licence. “Now, we have the ability to leave one job running and even start a second. It’s so efficient.”

Cut Costs
With DocBuster, the Taylor Wessing team runs intensive reports before jobs that predict their costs, page counts, document exceptions, and more, allowing them to make adjustments beforehand that greatly reduce resources and costs. Tim Grant, Head of Facilities, added, “I would go as far as to say that given our current levels of work, if we did not have DocBuster at our disposal, we would have to employ at least one full time operative per DocBuster licence to deal with the amount of manual pc work in analysing the large electronic files that are constantly sent through to us.”

Reduce Error
Manual batch printing is prone to human errors. Marian told us before her team used DocBuster, “It was so easy to miss one [file]… if you step away from a job for a second, something’s forgotten or you’ve lost your place.” Printing errors not only risk the professional reputation of any firm but they also have the potential to expose clients. By reducing interaction and automating repetitive tasks, DocBuster significantly reduces these risks. “We even send small jobs through the software. It’s just easier and safer.”

DocBuster has been the definitive printing solution for Taylor Wessing and many other firms across the UK and Europe.






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