Bird & Bird LLP

Industry: Law Practice

Location of Interest: London, U.K

Bird & Bird LLP is an international law firm with offices across the globe. Their London headquarters have over 250 lawyers, with origins dating back to 1846. In 2012, The Financial Times named Bird & Bird one of Europe’s Top 20 Most Innovative Firms and they have worked with more than half of Forbes 100 Most Innovative Companies.

"It changed everything. We get so much more work done now"

Dan West, Reprographics Specialist

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The Situation

Bird & Bird LLP is a rapidly growing Top 20 International Firm and, thus, the amount of documentation it needs printed is also ever-growing. Batch printing by hand became too slow for their mounting requirements. The print room knew they needed a solution that paralleled the innovative pace of the company.

They were spending incalculable hours file-printing hundreds of documents. More complex files required even more strenuous preparation like formatting, decrypting, deduplicating, and more. They simply did not have time to waste endlessly clicking. Bird & Bird needed to reduce superfluous, repetitive tasks and improve efficiency and productivity.

The Solution

Bird & Bird uses the software’s most core functionalities, formatting, slip sheets, and most importantly automating the repetitive clicking of manual batch printing. “We’re pretty basic users,” Ian Bedford, Print Room Manager, admitted. “We don’t use many of the additional features but it’s still great. It saves us so much time.”

DocBuster can be as complex or as straightforward as you want it to be, differentiating it from its competition that is definitively either or. Why choose a batch printing software that requires complicated and lengthy preparation for even the simplest of jobs? Or, why choose a software that has only the most basic features, inevitably requiring additional work for complex jobs? Both options put a firm right back where they started: unnecessarily wasting time. Bird & Bird does not have that problem. If they need deduplication, password decryption, highly specific slip sheets, pre-printing reports with price and size predictions, DocBuster is their solution. If they only need to automate laborious and repetitive clicking, DocBuster is their solution just the same.

Bird & Bird didn’t make a choice. They found the perfect median: DocBuster. “You can rely on it.” Ian said—and you can. DocBuster is the reliable solution for Bird & Bird’s personalised printing needs… just like it could be for yours.

Another added benefit of DocBuster is the ease at which it can be moved. In the legal world, this is a critical feature as firms are frequently being acquired, moving, and of course merging.

Bird & Bird LLP occupied three separate locations in London. However, the massive firm wanted to consolidate its operations and, in 2016, moved to a new location with 12 floors and over 140,000 available square feet.

When we visited them, they were in the full swing of just moving-in chaos. They were between PCs, setting up printers, reorganizing, replacing, resituating. DocBuster, however, was incredibly easy to move. If a licence needs to be transferred to a new PC, a firm simply deactivates it and sends us the deactivation code. Once that’s done, they are all set to reinstall the same licence onto any computer.

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