Featured Feature: Sorting

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Featured Feature will be an on-going segment inspired by you, our clients. Revisiting our friends, we have been asking our clientele what they love, what they hate, and every other detail about their experience with DocBuster. We were immediately surprised—and thus inspired to write this segment—by how differently our clients were utilising the software. Firms have revealed a wide array of favourite features, each finding their own thing to love in DocBuster.

Featured Feature: Sorting

One question which frequently arises during demonstrations and occasionally after installing is how does DocBuster sort documents and maintain the order when printing.

A common complaint when printing by bulk selecting files in Windows Explorer (or other such tools) and sending them to print in one selection is that the order that the documents print will be different to the order of your selection.

Using DocBuster will remedy this as DocBuster will send each document separately to the queue, waiting for the previous document to finish spooling before moving on, so no more software related print order issues!

So, if the order is preserved the next question is what are the sort options?   Well this can vary depending on the data source.

Windows Directory Data Source

The Windows Directory data source sorts on top level documents only, that is documents which sit in the windows directory (folder).  Attachments always appear behind their parent.


There are three sort type options:

  1. 1) File Path, which sorts by the filename e.g. 1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf…. 20.pdf etc. No need to worry about padding numerically numbered documents to preserve order within DocBuster.

2) Date. Can be used if you need to sort loose emails (msg or eml) by their Sent On Date.  All other documents will use their File System Date Last Modified as the sort date.

Anyone, who has had to print in date order manually will understand that printing these items in date order is very time consuming as not only do you need to print the documents you then need to collate and sort afterwards!

3) File System Last Modified Date. This options does at is says and sorts based on a files file system last modified date.

By default, DocBuster will sort within each directory selected.  However, if you wish you can choose to sort across all of the top level items in one go by selecting the “Sort Across Folders” option.

Lastly, you can choose to sort ascending or descending depending your needs, for example oldest date first or newest date first.

Outlook Data Source

The Outlook data source sorts very much like Windows Directory, except it has different sort type options.


1) Sent On Date. Uses a document’s Sent On Date property for Mail and Post Item folder types or Creation Date for other folder types.

2) Subject. Sort by a documents subject.

3) Received Date. Uses a documents Received Date property for Mail and Post Item folder types or Creation Date for other folder types.

4) Sender. Uses a documents Sender property.

5) Conversation. Uses a documents Conversation Index property.

Flat File Data Sources (Excel, CSV etc.)

The sort option for flat file data sources are a bit different as sorting is carried out based on fields that exist within the database table or file connected too.

After connecting to the data source the sort order can be specified on the ORDER BY tab as shown below.


It is possible to select up to a maximum of three fields to sort on.  Sorting can be carried out either ASC (Ascending) or DESC (Descending).

DocBuster lets you to print all of your documents from one place, eradicating the laborious old practice of file-printing. It takes it a step further too by allowing for you to extensively sort all of your files for printing through a single software, too.  This feature along with DocBuster’s many others are why it is truly the definitive batch printing solution.

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