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Many software programs make choices for you… but not DocBuster. DocBuster wants to be whatever you need it to be, whether that be an easy tool that simply automates endless clicking, a high-tech software that decrypts and de-duplicates, or something in-between. It can be simple or sophisticated, unlike its competitors which can be either or. That’s why DocBuster is currently the go-to tool for 9 out of 10 of the UK’s top 10 Law Firms.

Many users, including some of our biggest and most well-known clients, do not use DocBuster’s intricate features; they simply use it as a means of automating massive print jobs. Let me explain how that works. Remember: before, you would have to click (open, print, exit, repeat) each document by hand, even if there were thousands of files in a job!

DocBuster opens automatically to the ‘Job Details’ tab with the Data Source as ‘windows directories.’ From here, all you have to do is click through the directories on your computer to find the exact folder of documents you want to print. Select it and you’re ready. Make sure your Output is set to ‘Print to Paper’ and click start!

More than one folder? You can select as many as you need. We’ve had jobs with over 100,000 files in it!

Different types of files? DocBuster can handle emails, image files, PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Project, Visio, even stored PSTs, and much more—even in the same batch! It can also print directly from Outlook Exchange and handle load files, like Concordance and Opticon files.

Need separators? You can easily add coloured slip sheets. Just put coloured paper into any printer tray and select that tray on DocBuster. You can even add static text, metadata, load file field information or leave them blank.

Some clients utilise every feature. Others utilise a few. Here are just some examples of what DocBuster can do for you:

* Pre-printing reports that consist of detailed page and price predictions, analysis of document types, error identification, and more

* Intensive sorting options like chronological ordering of emails

* The best of breed slip sheets that give you the ability to customise every detail and satisfy the most specific client requests

* Document decryption which identifies password protected and corrupted files and can automatically apply given passwords to unlock them

* De-duplication of repeated documents using hash code

* Formatting options for each application type, like page-capping, scaling, display and orientation options for Excel

Why choose a batch printing software that requires complicated and lengthy preparation for even the simplest of jobs? Or, why choose a software that has only the most basic features, inevitably requiring additional work for complex jobs? Both options put a firm right back where they started: unnecessarily wasting time. We first created DocBuster for our in-house use, so we understand that your needs are always changing. So, who says you have to choose? DocBuster can be as different as the jobs it handles.

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