A Review of DocBuster in 2016

2016 was a great year for DocBuster and we want to thank you, our users, for your loyalty, feedback, and just general awesomeness. Your needs are ever-changing and, because of that, so are we. Let’s look back at this year to see how we’ve grown.

DocBuster’s functionality has greatly improved. Our year started off with our team working hard to create DocBuster 16.0.0, a massive release with many exciting and useful additions. The biggest of which was new list-based data sources to process from including: text delimited files (csv files etc.), Concordance DAT and Opticon files, Concordance DAT and IPRO lfp files. 16.0.0 also included new metrics in the reports like Excel workbook count, which helps you calculate timing if manual formatting needs to take place, and major support updates for Office 2016 and Microsoft 10.

Later this year, we released 16.1.0. Although not quite as extensive as 16.0.0, this release even further refined DocBuster’s cutting-edge functionality. Some of these changes included: updated Excel options like processing at the workbook level, printing slip sheets between workbooks in Excel, a Metadata report, the ability to merge SUMMARY .xlsx files, and the option to copy slip sheet items within a level to another level.

Now, we’re finishing out the very end of 2016 with a final software release, 16.2.0. Read all about what it involves in this newsletter’s other article, Docbuster 16.2: Our newest release.


The company has grown. DocBuster has grown exponentially in both number of clients and number of active licences. In 2016, our number of clients increased by 20%.  However, what we pride ourselves in most is our retention, which we believe quintessentially shows our clients’ satisfaction. Since we started selling DocBuster in 2013, we’ve only lost two clients—the rest continually renewing their annual licences. Many of our clients have bought additional licences either to increase capacity or to introduce DocBuster into regional offices.

We’ve gotten more… social. DocBuster now has a social media presence that is getting better and better, predominantly focusing on LinkedIn. In November, we threw our very first client party as an expression of our gratitude—and an excuse to meet up with you all at the pub. We’ve also initiated more client visits and have written several case studies on our users’ success. (If you’re interested in being featured, please contact us.) Keep checking our website for news updates and follow us on LinkedIn!

Yet we’re already planning for next year. DocBuster will enter the new year as its best self, Version 16.2.0. (New year, new us, right?) But just like people, software is rarely stagnant; there’s no ‘perfect version.’ In 2017, we look forward to bringing even more of our internal functionality into the product including pagination, new data sources, and more.


Our News Years resolution is the same as always: make batch printing easier.

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