A Review of DocBuster in 2016

2016 was a great year for DocBuster and we want to thank you, our users, for your loyalty, feedback, and just general awesomeness. Your needs are ever-changing and, because of that, so are we. Let’s look back at this year to see how we’ve grown.


DocBuster 16.2: Our Newest Release

It may not be Apple’s iPhone 7 release but we think it’s pretty exciting. That’s because our clients’ satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. You asked for changes so we made them in DocBuster 16.2.0.

Here’s what to expect: (more…)

What about Print Rooms?

 Law firm. When I so much as hear those words, I picture busy trainees bustling around with stacks of lever-arch files; sky-high piles of documents striped with highlighter marks and separated by an iridescent array of tabs; papers flying through the air after an over-caffeinated lawyer’s eureka-moment.  It’s a dynamic image full of people… people and paper.

But where do all those pages come from? (more…)

Why Every DocBuster User Should Follow Us On LinkedIn!

Ah, just another company telling you to follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or whatever platform, hoping you’ll share, like and comment on its posts. All trying to gain some exposure to your connections. All trying to sell you something—or sell you more of something. Nope. Not us.

DocBuster LinkedIn is different. (more…)

Featured Feature Reports

Featured Feature

About This Segment

Featured Feature will be an ongoing segment inspired by you, our clients. Revisiting our old friends in their print rooms, we have been asking our clientele what they love, what they hate, and every other detail about their experience with DocBuster. We were immediately surprised—and thus inspired to write this segment—by how differently our clients were utilizing the software. Firms have revealed a wide array of favourite features, each finding their own thing to love in DocBuster. (more…)

Why the Modern Law Firm Needs DocBuster

The exciting world of e-discovery is booming, giving modern lawyers the ability to collect more documentation than ever before. Initially, their colleagues in the print room were left behind as technology elsewhere was advancing. They were stuck sorting endlessly through thousands of different documents and individually printing them. Passwords became road blocks. Potential for error was ever present. Costs were sky high. And time was wasted on a repetitive series of endless clicks: open, print, exit… repeat.


13 years of DocBuster

Gone are the days of the odd document to print per day. With the majority of client data being electronic, batch printing is now a significant part of many print rooms. Embracing the data, we are seeing more and more technical requests from lawyers, IT teams and litigation support teams.

In line with these changes so too has DocBuster evolved. As DocBuster is now in its 13th year of use we thought it would be good to briefly highlight its history through to the present and future.


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