Why the Modern Law Firm Needs DocBuster

The exciting world of e-discovery is booming, giving modern lawyers the ability to collect more documentation than ever before. Initially, their colleagues in the print room were left behind as technology elsewhere was advancing. They were stuck sorting endlessly through thousands of different documents and individually printing them. Passwords became road blocks. Potential for error was ever present. Costs were sky high. And time was wasted on a repetitive series of endless clicks: open, print, exit… repeat.

But as the modern law firm has evolved, so have we. In 2002, Millnet’s printing needs grew to a seemingly unattainable high. Thus, DocBuster was created with the modern law firm in mind, making it the definitive solution for legal needs. And just like the ever-changing world of e-discovery, DocBuster too has grown and changed over the past fourteen years. DocBuster has continuously developed with the times to help law firms everywhere with their unique printing needs. Here’s how DocBuster can help you:

Risk Reduction

Manual batch printing is, by its nature, prone to human errors. This not only risks the professional reputation of a firm but it also has the potential to expose clients. These mistakes could scale anywhere from simple embarrassment and adverse publicity to loss of business, fines, or even legal actions. Thus, maybe the greatest benefit of DocBuster is the reduction of risk due to the significantly reduced need for manual interaction and input.

Time Saving

Our research indicates the lengthy preparation in an average batch print job takes between 2 and 3 hours. DocBuster can sort and format hundreds of files with a just few clicks, run intensive reports in minutes, and even automate the printing itself! DocBuster frees your time for more important issues.


Our research shows that an average batch print job consists of 200 documents. On a basic level, printing requires 3 clicks per document—open, print, close—which extrapolated equals 600 user clicks per job! Larger jobs and more complex files, such as emails and zip containers, require even more clicks. These interactions take an overwhelming amount of time and immensely increase the likelihood of errors. DocBuster does it for you, taking the headache out of batch printing!   

Cost Reduction

DocBuster automates the majority of the batch printing processes and can, with volume, reduce the cost per page. The software can also automatically de-duplicate repeated files, saving sometimes hundreds of unnecessary pages in a given job. DocBuster even accurately predicts costs, page counts, document errors, metadata, and more in a pre-printing report, giving lawyers everywhere the chance to reassess what exactly they are printing.

Currently, DocBuster has been the definitive batch printing solution for over 40 firms across the UK and into Europe, including 75% of the UK Top 20 Law Firms. Your competitors are using DocBuster… why aren’t you?

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