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Featured Feature will be an ongoing segment inspired by you, our clients. Revisiting our old friends in their print rooms, we have been asking our clientele what they love, what they hate, and every other detail about their experience with DocBuster. We were immediately surprised—and thus inspired to write this segment—by how differently our clients were utilizing the software. Firms have revealed a wide array of favourite features, each finding their own thing to love in DocBuster.

Featured Feature: Reports

We visited one of our oldest clients, a Corporate Law Firm of the Year winner, with over 130 offices across five continents. They use the reports feature more extensively and more effectively than many of their competitors even realise is possible, saving themselves an incalculable amount of money and time.

They explained why with an anecdote:

“Back in the day, before DocBuster, we’d print thousands of unnecessary pages—and by hand. This one time, we got a huge job from a lawyer. We had to have a guy stay over the weekend to do it. We finally finish the job and it comes out to 28 lever-arch files. We brought it up to this lawyer and he was shocked! Apparently, he had no idea it was going to be that big. And it was a huge issue. This happened all the time!”  

Now, when they receive a job from a lawyer, they immediately run a report, send it back, and have the sender to sign off on its contents before they print it.  They’ve caught hundreds of unnecessary documents—and thousands of pages—by doing this. Everybody wins. Lawyers have an easier time finding the information they need without superfluous documentation. The print room saves time. The company saves money.


Here are just a few examples of how:

  • They can make educated changes.

For example, a lawyer may send their print room a job without realising it contains Excel documents. He or she may not realise that printing Excel documents can often lead to incoherent output or even run into thousands of pages of meaningless numbers. A report tells the lawyer both how many Excels documents a job has and how many pages they will be. They can choose to use place holders or page capping, instead.

  • They receive a summary of the entire job.

A lawyer may notice other unnecessary files in a report, for example hundreds of images, immediately recognising the scope to apply further filtering.    

  • They can find exceptions beforehand and fix them.

When a report catches an exception, not only does it tell you the type of error encountered, it gives you the file path so you can easily access the document. The best example of this is encrypted documents. Reports will reveal which documents are password protected, allowing the firm to apply a list of applicable passwords into the software before they start printing. DocBuster will automatically apply these passwords to the encrypted documents, unlock them with the correct password, and print them.

  • It enables cost and time predictions.

For example, say, the firm receives a USB with no specific information of its contents. They can run a report and reveal that it may be 200,000 pages or it may be 2,000 pages. DocBuster can predict the total price based on their unit price. This firm’s unit price is £0.10 per page; thus, the report would reveal a printing cost of either £20,000.00 or £200.00. Knowing their printer’s speed—say, 2,000 pages per hour—they can also predict the time of the job. In this instance, it is the difference between a 100-hour job or a one-hour job. Simply knowing the massive size, cost, and time of the first job after running a report, an alternative approach can be made to filter the data, hopefully getting it closer to a 2,000-page job.

There are an endless number of novel ways to catch excess with reports. Start using this Featured Feature, yourself, to find out all the unique ways your firm can save even more money, time, and frustration.

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