Featured Feature: Handling Excel

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Featured Feature will be an on-going segment inspired by you, our clients. Revisiting our friends, we have been asking our clientele what they love, what they hate, and every other detail about their experience with DocBuster. We were immediately surprised—and thus inspired to write this segment—by how differently our clients were utilising the software. Firms have revealed a wide array of favourite features, each finding their own thing to love in DocBuster.

Featured Feature: Handling Excel

A perennial question, which often arises, is how does DocBuster handle printing of Excel documents?

As anyone who has printed Excel will know, it can sometimes be a bit of challenge to process these documents, which unfortunately do not always present a perfect solution.

DocBuster provides a number of options, which provide a certain amount of flexibility in handling these documents.

So what options does DocBuster provide?

  1. Print as is. You are lucky that your Excel documents have been pre-formatted and are ready to be printed.  In this case, leave the Excel options as they are and DocBuster will print Excel as it finds it.
  2. Formatting. DocBuster provides a number of brute force options, which can be applied to all sheets (tabs) within a workbook (Excel document).  These are applied universally and will do exactly what they say on the tin.  If you are familiar with Excel you will see the option titles closely mirror Excel itself, and will therefore understand what they do without reference to the help guide.  Although should you need it our guide explains the options in plain terms.
Formatting Page Set Up


  1. Page Capping. If you do not want to print all of the pages of the Excel documents, as perhaps you have run a DocBuster report over the data beforehand and know there will be thousands of pages of wasted paper!  Instead, you want to print the first x number of pages of each Excel document to get a flavour of the documents.  This will then assist in the decision process of what to do with the documents, e.g. printing in their entirety, reviewing in their native format etc.  This is the essence of why page capping is present.

Page capping can be applied at either Workbook or Sheet level.  If applied at Workbook then the first x number of pages in the Workbook will be printed.  If capping is applied at Sheet level then the first x number of pages will be printed for each sheet in the Workbook, given a snapshot of each sheet (as these can be very different).

The number of pages to be capped can be specified to your requirements, but is typically 5 or 10 pages.

Page Capping
  1. Place Holders. Instead of printing the Excel documents, you can mark them to be processed as a Place Holder.  After configuring your Place Holder Slip Sheets and setting your printer tray, you can mark the relevant Excel extension(s) to be processed as a Place Holder.
Place holders

This will then output a place holder instead of the actual Excel Document.  This option can be useful if the documents are to be reviewed manually or to be formatted and inserted later.  In this case, DocBuster can assist further by copying the place holder documents to the job folder and hyperlinking them from the report and of course if you have outputted the place holder to a tray with a different colour paper then it’s even easier to locate them for inserting.

  1. Excluding. Maybe a bit blunt, but you can of course simply choose not to print Excel at all.
  2. Excel Sheet Slip Sheets. Lastly, if you are processing Excel at Sheet Level you have the option to make DocBuster create and insert a slip sheet between Excel Sheets. You have the option to include the sheet name (amongst other data) on the slip sheet.  Whilst, this option is maybe niche, it is there as a direct request from one of our clients.

This was a very quick whirlwind tour of the current possibilities when printing Excel with DocBuster.  I hope you have found it useful.

We would like to say there is a magic button which would for example format all Excel to A4/Letter in a legible manner, but that from experience is not realistic.  However, what DocBuster does provide is the next best thing.

This feature along with DocBuster’s many others are why it is truly the definitive batch printing solution.  If you have any questions on this or other, features then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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