Why Every DocBuster User Should Follow Us On LinkedIn!

Ah, just another company telling you to follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or whatever platform, hoping you’ll share, like and comment on its posts. All trying to gain some exposure to your connections. All trying to sell you something—or sell you more of something. Nope. Not us.

DocBuster LinkedIn is different.

If you use DocBuster, you should follow DocBuster on LinkedIn. Why? Because we’re taking a different approach. Now you may be wondering, what does a printing software possibly have to offer on LinkedIn?


What do we have to offer? Not much! We could have the most exceptional social media presence in the world but if you don’t batch print, you don’t need DocBuster. Even if you are a part of the small percentage of people who even knows what ‘batch printing’ means, seeing a clichéd self-promoting post on social media won’t persuade you to buy DocBuster.  The fact is LinkedIn can’t sell DocBuster, only a need for it can. We’re currently in 75% of the UK Top 20 Law Firms and that’s not from social media. That’s from the top professionals needing the best alternative to tedious file-printing in order to keep up with technology’s rapid advancements, and then hearing success stories about their colleagues who found that alternative. DocBuster.

So, why are we even on LinkedIn then?

We’re here for you. So, we’re giving ourselves a LinkedIn makeover. We want our LinkedIn to be an interactive tool. We want it to be a resource. We want it to be an interesting source of news and current events. We want it to be a breath of fresh air in a sea of promotional babble.

Our posts will include tips, tricks, answered client questions (because if you’re wondering it, someone else probably is too), questions for you so we can make DocBuster even better, the coolest news in the industry, and much more. Comment on our posts and we will reply. Post something cool and we will share it. Have a problem or concern with our product and we will guarantee your satisfaction.

Ever think I wish DocBuster could do x, y, and z? Maybe it can. Often clients use only its basic functionality and prep a job in ways that DocBuster could easily do for them. It’s a simple software when you want it to be, but it can also be an incredibly sophisticated software. It has thousands of formatting options and hundreds of features that differentiate it from even its most comparable competitors. Let us teach you that DocBuster has more than you ever thought was possible.

You’re already paying for DocBuster, why not get your money’s worth? Our new LinkedIn will help you do that.

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