DocBuster for Newbies

So you’ve bought a DocBuster licence—or you’re thinking about it.  It may seem new, overwhelming, overcomplicated, or even boring… but it’s none of those things. DocBuster is a simple and user-friendly software that will make your job easier than you ever thought possible.

I was like you once. When DocBuster was first installed on my computer, it seemed intimidating and, frankly, too good to be true. But before I knew it, I felt like an old pro and I can make you feel like one too.

What It Is

DocBuster is a batch printing software that automates the endless clicking of file-printing. It handles all sorts of files: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Outlook, PDFs, Containers, DAT/Opticon files, you name it. It’s fast, easy, and effective and cheap in comparison to other likeminded software.

The Demo

Not convinced? We’ll prove it. Our demo takes about an hour and even if you’re located halfway around the world—whether that be Silicon Valley or Hong Kong—we’ll still give you a demo. Just maybe over the web. One of our specialists will run you through how to select, sort, format, run reports on, and of course print any-sized batch of files in one swift go. Plus, he or she will show how to use the features.


Installing DocBuster is easy. All you need is a PC with Windows and you’re ready to go. We’ll securely send you a licence download and an activation code and you’re all set to install it yourself. (If I could do it, I promise you can too.)

How to Use It

Let’s run you through the basics:

  • Data Sources

Your data source simply points DocBuster in the direction of the files you’d like to print. The ‘Job Details’ page opens when you start DocBuster with your ‘Windows Directory’ as the default data source. From here, all you have to do is click through the directories on your computer to find the exact folder/s you want! To print from a different data source, click the dropdown box labelled ‘Data Source’ in the top left corner and select exactly what you’re looking for. Some other data sources include Concordance, Opticon, and Outlook.

  • Outputs

Think of your output as the end goal; it’s what you’re telling DocBuster to do. One of these output options is Reports. (I always suggest running a report before a job, as it calculates everything from cost and time predictions to colour and page size identifications.) To run a report, select ‘Reports’ from the ‘Output’ dropdown box.

When the report is done, a clickable option labelled ‘Job Directory’ will appear. Click this, then open the Excel document named “SUMMARY” to access your extensive report. For printing, make sure your output is set to ‘Print to Paper’ and just click start!

  • Options

Now you know how to choose files and how to choose what you want to do to those files, but what makes DocBuster so great is all the additional assistance it can provide. DocBuster has list of features that help you satisfy even the most specific needs. For example, you can include slip sheets, or coloured separators with any text, metadata, etc. you want on them, utilizing best slip sheet functionality on the market. Other useful features include de-duplicating repeated files, automatic decryption of password protected documents, page capping, a myriad of sorting tools, and much more.

Have any more questions? Looks like you’ll have to try a demo!

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