DocBuster 16.4.0 and beyond…

DocBuster 16.4.0 is will soon be released, following on just over a month after the release of 16.3.0.

16.4.0 contains a couple of updates which had been requested by some clients.  This is an area I want to focus on for this article and I know is a subject the DocBuster team would like to remind you our valued friends and clients about.

Since January 2013 (DocBuster 14.0.0) there have been 26 updates to the product.  A good number of these were updates requested by yourselves, including such items as Yearly and Monthly slip sheets, File System Last Modified Sort Date, Process Excel at Sheet level functionality to name a few.

Your feedback and ideas are very important to us and can help shape the future updates to the product.  I would encourage you all to please continue to feed your experiences of DocBuster to us, whether you are a client or prospective client evaluating the software.

If you are using DocBuster and there is something you do not like or there is an issue you are getting around, then please let us know.  It may be (as has been the case in the past) that something you thought DocBuster could not do, it can actually do!  Alternatively, it may be something we need to look into and amend.

We look forward to continuing to update and improve the definitive batch printing product and we already have a number of exciting updates in the pipeline.

Additionally, it is worth remembering that DocBuster historically is so much more than a print tool and we hope to bring these features into the public domain without ever losing the focus on the printing aspect of DocBuster.

I think over the years DocBuster has demonstrated its worth and reliability both internally at Millnet and latterly with you our clients.  We value your continued support and look forward to further helping you achieve your goals.

Thank you,

The DocBuster Team

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