DocBuster 16.3.0 – Bates Stamping

I wanted to take time to give a brief introduction to the newest version of DocBuster whose release is imminent.

Aside from the usual behind the scenes tweaks and updates, which we won’t go into here as they aren’t too exciting or memorable, there is one major enhancement coming to DocBuster in 16.3.0 – Bates Stamping (or pagination to some).

For those unaware, Bate Stamping is basically the bulk annotation of images (tif’s etc.) and pdf files.

Picture2Bates Stamping is one of those features which was present within DocBuster in earlier internal facing versions of the software.  We have taken our knowledge of this and combined this to our years of experience of the type of requests we get asked for when Bates Stamping and now delivered this into DocBuster at no extra cost.

So now DocBuster has three outputs – Reports, Print to Paper and Bates Stamping.  This means you can now use DocBuster to perform Bates Stamp only jobs. Although, as Bates Stamping is one of the functions which sometimes goes hand in hand with printing to paper you will pleased to know you can Bates Stamp when printing as well.

What sets DocBuster aside when Bates Stamping?  In short, we think the amount of options available added to the simplicity of setting these jobs up.

Let’s look at just a few of the options available:

Picture1Multiple bates stamp needed on a page

No problem, you can add multiple bates stamps on a page.

Adding borders to an image to prevent overwriting of content. 

DocBuster can shrink an image (maintaining aspect ratio and original page size) which results in a border where a bates stamp can be made.

Positioning of a bates stamp

DocBuster allows to position bates stamps in a number of positions such as Top Left, Centre, Bottom Right etc.  Additionally, an offset from the edge can be made to further set the position of a bates stamp.

Image stamps

DocBuster can stamp tiff or bmp images onto a page.

Text Stamps

DocBuster can stamp text onto a page.  The options here are numerous and too detailed for this article.  Therefore, please do contact us if you want more information.  However, here are some of the headline options you can stamp text with:

  • Document counter, including padding numbers and setting start number or using letter increments
  • Page counters, including padding numbers and setting start number or using letter increments
  • Static text
  • Meta data information, such as filename, folder name etc.
  • Field information from load files such as Concordance.dat, CSV files etc.

Lastly (and for those currently using DocBuster), as the Bates Stamping output type does not utilise MS Office, you will be pleased to know that this option can be run without shutting down other MS Office applications, which means you can run this whilst continuing to use MS Office on a PC!

These are just some of the bates stamping options available.  If you have any questions on this release or any other feature of DocBuster or would like a demonstration of DocBuster then please get in contact with us and we will be only too happy to help.

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