DocBuster 16.2: Our Newest Release

It may not be Apple’s iPhone 7 release but we think it’s pretty exciting. That’s because our clients’ satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. You asked for changes so we made them in DocBuster 16.2.0.

Here’s what to expect:

Improvement 1: Colour Identification

DocBuster can now identify colour pages for PDFs and image files! Just run a report beforehand and it’ll tell you if each page is colour, grayscale, or black and white, helping you make even more accurate cost and price predictions.

Improvement 2: Page Size Identification

DocBuster can also identify PDF and image files’ page size, height/width, and even orientation. This also allows for smart adjustments such as highlighting large documents (drawings, etc.) that have been converted to PDFs, for example.

Improvement 3: Coloured Front and End Cover Sheets

While our current cover sheets were helpful, we’ve even further improved them. By popular demand, DocBuster can now direct cover sheets to specific trays, allowing for coloured coversheets and thus easier separation of individual sets.

Improvement 4: Addition Slip Sheet Level

The best slip sheet functionality just got better. De-duplication of identical documents can save hundreds of pages. Now, DocBuster allows you to put a placeholder in for de-duplicated files to clearly indicate when a document has been removed.

That’s not all. Other updates include a host of smaller incremental tweaks and bug fixes, like better third party compatibility, including Acrobat DC professional and standard, a quicker start, and more.

There’s a reason we’ve had 16.2 versions—because we want to guarantee your satisfaction. The legal world is ever-changing and, thus, so are your needs. Keep telling us what those needs are and we’ll keep updating our product to suit them. We want to guarantee that DocBuster is the ultimate batch printing experience.

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