13 years of DocBuster

Gone are the days of the odd document to print per day. With the majority of client data being electronic, batch printing is now a significant part of many print rooms. Embracing the data, we are seeing more and more technical requests from lawyers, IT teams and litigation support teams.

In line with these changes so too has DocBuster evolved. As DocBuster is now in its 13th year of use we thought it would be good to briefly highlight its history through to the present and future.

DocBuster’s origins lie as an internal tool developed within Millnet to originally handle our batch print needs. This quickly evolved into a full suite of software handling printing, e-discovery, pagination, data transformation, load files and so on. As the market continued to mature and e-discovery gained traction this resulted in more in-depth, feature rich e-discovery programs hitting the market with less focus on the batch printing side.

After much demand from our clients to purchase DocBuster, in 2009 we released a stripped down version of DocBuster which focussed on batch printing and document reporting.

Fast forward to 2016 and DocBuster is now installed in over 40 law firms and rising. It has become the preferred batch print tool for these firms due its low learning curve, built for purpose feature set and low cost.

As you can appreciate millions of pages have been printed using DocBuster and it has proved invaluable to Millnet and our clients. We are continually adding new features including both requests from our client base as well as features which were the preserve from its use as an internal tool within Millnet.

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